Nominal Size: Lede couplings and fiƫngs are identified by the nominal IPS pipe size in inches or nominal diameter of pipe (DN) in millimeters.
Service Fluid and Temperature: Service fluid and temperature limitations for Lede couplings are primarily governed by the gasket used within the coupling. Always refer to and consult
the Lede Gasket Selection Guide.
Working Pressure: Lede grooved couplings are generally engineered for use with standard or sch. 7/10/40 steel pipes (except for some high pressure models) and can be used within the rated working pressures as shown in the Lede
literature. A one time only field test at 1.5 times the working pressure is allowed.
As there are limitations in service temperatures, the Lede couplings and fittings do not adopt the ANSI temperature pressure rangngs (Class 150, Class 300, etc.), ISO or JIS methods
of pressure ratings (PN10, PN16, JIS 10K or 20K, etc.). All the published working pressures are CWP, non-shock cold water pressures, unless otherwise specified. Actual allowed working pressures for a specific coupling will vary depending on the
coupling size, pipe material, pipe schedule (or thickness) and types of grooves used. Special attension is required when using
thin wall stainless steel pipe such as sch. 5. For further details request the performance data for specific thin wall pipe.
The dimensions, weights, performance data, and other specifications shown in this catalog supersede all previous published data. Lede reserves the right to change product
designs and or specifications without notice and without obligation.
Illustrations shown within this catalog are for illustrative purposes. They are not drawn to scale and may have been exaggerated for clarity. Any person who makes use of the
information or materials contained herein shall do so at their own risk and shall be liable for any results arising from such use