The Lede mechanical tees Models XGQT04G, XGQT04 and L922 provide an easy take-out of a branch outlet without the need for welding. First a hole is cut or drilled at The Lede hole-cut piping systems provide a fast and easy mid-point branch outlet, eliminaƟng the need for mulƟple fiƫngs and allows for easy expansion of the piping system.
Welding Outlet Fittings
The Lede Model J01 universal outlet fiƫng is designed to fit a range of header sizes which will reduce costs associated with ordering, inventory and installation. The model J01 was designed for the fire protection industry
where a high volume of 1/2’’, 3/4’’ and 1’’ sizes are used.
These outlets can be welded manually or with automated equipment.
For more sizes and or grooved outlets, please see our Models J01 and J02R outlets.
The Lede welding outlet fiƫngs provide an easy
threaded outlet at any desired location along the header.
Meets NFPA 13 requirements, UL listed and FM approved Lede hole template is available
for manual hole cuting Reduces welding time and the likelihood of burn through
Reduces stock numbers by up to
70% over traditional outlets Grooved-end and threaded outlets are available
A mechanical cross connecton can be made by combining two upper housing segments

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