The Lede grooved piping system is one of the most advanced, versatile, economical and reliable systems available today. AŌer the pipe ends are grooved a gasket is stretched over the pipe ends. The coupling
segments are then placed over the gasket and the bolts and nuts are fastened resulting in a secure and
leak free joint.
A coupling can be installed 3-4 Times faster than a comparable welded or brazed joint and there is no need for a flame or welding torch on the job site. A coupling can be
installed by fastening a pair of bolts and nuts while using only a wrench or spanner, whereas a comparable flanged joint requires the fastening of many bolts and nuts with a
pair of wrenches. The grooved system allows for easy material take-offs and unlike a threaded system, there is no
need to allow for added pipe length for thread engagement. With the removal of just a few bolts one can easily access the system for cleaning, maintenance,
changes and or system expansion.

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