The housing segments not only provide significant
strength to the joint but they also compress and protect the gasket from exposure, Lede coupling housings and components are cast in a variety of materials as shown below.
Ductile Iron: Standard coupling housings and fiƫngs are made of ductile iron conforming to ASTM
A536 Gr. 65-45-12. The properties of
Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron are as follows; 65,000 psi (448 MPa) tensile strength, 45,000 psi (310 MPa) yield strength and 12% elongation. As an
option we also offer ductile iron made to ASTM A395 Gr.
60-40-18, for applications where required or where boiler codes may apply.
Stainless Steel: We offer a variety of
stainless steel casting materials
depending on your intended
application. Standard coupling
housing and fiƫng materials include
CF8 (304), CF8M (316) or CF3M
(316L) per ASTM A743. Optional
materials include 2205 Duplex, 2507 Super Duplex and ASTM CK-3MCuN (UNSJ93245), equivalent to 254SMO*.
(* 254SMO is a registered trademark of Avesta Polarit AQB.)
Lede gaskets are available in a variety of configurations and compounds to meet your specific requirements.
These gaskets have excellent self sealing capabilities and are designed to provide a leak tight seal. During assembly the gasket is first stretched over the pipe ends which forms the initial seal. As the housing segments are installed and secured the pressure responsive gasket is slightly compressed
to form a leak-tight joint. The strength of the seal is further enhanced by internal line pressure that creates downward pressure on the lips of the gasket. The gasket also seals well
under vacuum conditions up to 10 inHg (254 mmHg) which
may occur when a system is drained. Please refer to the Lede Gasket Selection Guide for additional details and gasket materials.
Lede products utilize oval neck track bolts and heavy duty hex nuts, available either in UNC threaded or ISO metric threaded. The oval neck track bolts mate into the oval holes in the housing segments to allow for easy
tightening using only a single wrench/spanner. The UNC bolts and nuts are electro zinc plated in a silver chromate color and ISO bolts and nuts in a gold chromate color.
Hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts are also available upon request. (M10 to M22 only)
Stainless steel track bolts and
nuts, type 304 or 316, are supplied
with Lede stainless steel couplings.
Stainless steel track bolts and nuts
are molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
coated to inhibit galling.
A stainless steel bolt fastened with a silicone
bronze nut