The Lede hole-cut mechanical tee provides a fast and easy mid-point branch outlet without welding. First a hole is cut or drilled at the desired outlet location. The mechanical tee is then positioned so that the built-in locating collar fits within the hole. As the housing bolts are tightened the pressure moulded gasket forms a leak-tight seal. Use of the Lede mechanical tee can eliminate the need for multiple couplings and fitings.
Caution: Piping procceses require that main and branch connections are at a true 90° angle. Also be certain that the locating collar is securely positioned inside the outlet hole before tightening the housing. When mechanical tees or mechanical crosses are used as transiton pieces between two runs, the tees or crosses shall be assembled prior to making the branch connectons.
Lede offers a full range of mechanical tees:
Model XGQT04: Threaded outlet, NPT or BSPT (ISO 7-1) pipe threads
Model XGQT04G: Cut-grooved outlet (machined)
Model L922 and 041: Saddle-Let; Small mechanical tee with threaded outlet, NPT or BSPT (ISO 7-1) pipe threads
MODEL 041 SADDLE-LET ( U bolt Mechanical Tee)
The Model 041 Saddle-Lets is the ideal outlet fitting for direct connections to sprinkler heads, drop nipples and or gauges. No need for welding, just cut or drill a hole at the desired outlet
location. Position the Saddle-Let so that the locationg collar fits within the hole and secure with the U-bolt and nuts. The Saddle-Let comes with a standard blackfinish or as an option can be supplied electro zinc plated or painted orange. The Saddle-Let allows full bore flow and is pressure rates to 300 psi (20 bar)