The Lede ring joint piping system is an ideal pipe joining method where pipe is difficult to groove or when grooving is not the preferred method. First weld a factory-supplied ring on each pipe end, next mount the rubber gasket over the pipe ends, place coupling segments over the gasket and
fasten bolts and nuts. The Lede Model 1100 ring joint coupling is supplied with a pair of factory rings.
The 1100 is a shouldered type coupling that meets or exceeds the design and performance requirements of the AWWA C606 standard.
Standard applications include:
Water & waste water treatment plants, mining, pulp & paper, hydroelectric plants, Co-Gen electric plants, food and beverage and compressed air.
Working pressures:
20 Bar / 300 psi (200mm - 600mm / 8’’ - 24’’)
(Factory test pressure: 60 Bars / 900 psi)
The 1100 coupling can be used on stainless steel pipe where applicable. Stainless steel rings of the same grade as the pipe should be used and are available as an option.