How to process roll-grooves
Lede grooved piping systems require the processing of
a roll or cut groove to the pipe ends being connected. The
engagement of the housing keys in the grooves is integral
in providing a secure and leak-tight joint. It is essential
that the grooves are properly processed for optimum
joint performance.
Nominal pipe size
Roll groove standard
Lede couplings and fiƫngs are identified by the nominal
IPS pipe size in inches or nominal diameter of pipe (DN) in
millimeters. Always check the actual O.D. of the pipe and
fiƫngs to be connected, as in some markets it is customary
to refer to different O.D. pipes with the same nominal size.
Roll grooves must meet the specifications and
requirements of ANSI/AWWA C-606-04 Table 5. For other
pipe sizes not specified in this standard, refer to the
applicable groove specifications shown in this catalog or
Lede installation manual.
Square cut
Pipe ends must be square cut. Always use a pipe
band-saw or automatic round-saw for cutting pipe. The
maximum allowable tolerances from square ends are .03’’/
0.8mm for sizes up to 3-1/2’’/ 90mm; .045’’/1.2mm for 4’’
thru 6’’/100mm thru 150mm and .060’’/1.6mm for size 8’’/
200mm and above.
Applicable pipe wall thickness
Roll grooves are generally applicable to .375’’/9.5mm
thick or thinner wall carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe,
copper tube, aluminum pipe and PVC pipe depending on the
type of roll-grooving machine and roll set being used.
Different wall thicknesses and sizes require the use of
different roll sets as with Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 pipe as shown.

1/20.8401521.33/41.0502026.711.3152533.41-1/41.6603242.21-1/21.9004048.322.3755060.32-1/22.8756573.03 O.D.3.0006576.133.5008088.93-1/24.00090101.64-1/4 O.D.4.250100108.04 4.500100114.355.563125141.35-1/4 O.D.5.250125133.05-1/2 O.D.5.500125139.76-1/4 O.D.6.250150159.06-1/2 O.D.6.500150165.166.625150168.38 JIS8.516200216.3*88.625200219.110 JIS10.528250267.4*1010.750250273.012 JIS12.539300318.5*1212.750300323.91414.000350355.61616.000400406.41818.000450457.22020.000500508.02222.000550558.82424.000600609.62828.000700711.23030.000750762.03232.000800812.83636.000900914.44040.00010001016.04242.00010501066.8IPS Sizes - InchesMetric Sizes - millimetersNominal size Actual size Nominal size Actual size

Rubber gasket
Groove Full engagement



Sizes G (max)~31/2’’0.8 (0.030’’)4 ~ 6’’1.2 (0.045’’)8’’ ~1.6 (0.060’’)

Groove roll
Drive roll
Thin wall pipe
(Sch. 10)
Different roll set (Groove & Drive roll)
W2 should be wider than W1
Thin wall pipe
(Sch. 40