Lede offers a wide range of grooved-end fiƫngs in size through 24’’ (600mm). Fiƫngs are available in a number of
styles and configurations to support a variety of applications. Lede grooved-end fittings are designed to
meet the ASTM F1548-01 and ANSI/AWWA C606-04 requirements. For other pipe size not specified in these
standards, refer to applicable groove specifications shown in this catalog. Most fiƫngs are provided in ductile iron
conforming to ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12. Some styles and size are fabricated of segmentally welded steel. Fittings are
painted orange or red, or as an opƟon can be supplied hot-dip galvanized or epoxy coated. Pressure ranges
conform to couplings and/or pipe being used.

The Lede grooved diameter rule is a simple and easy to
use steel tape rule used for taking circumferenƟal
measurements. The Model MD rules are designed to
accurately measure the standard groove dimensions of pipe
and are available for measuring, sizes 25mm through
1050mm (1’’- 42’’). The double sided direct reading diameter
rule features two scales and a quick check reference which
indicates the acceptable groove range for all pipe sizes.
MD20: 200cmL x 6mmW -for 25mm-1050mm (1’’- 42’’) pipe

All Lede EPDM gaskets are self-lubricant, it allows the
gaskets to be installed on the pipe without sparying
lubricant. for other gaskets except EPDM, like silicon gasket,
lubricant is recommended and to help prevent the gasket
from being pinched. The lubricant is applied in a thin coat
to the gasket exterior, the gasket lips and/or the housing