Stainless steel pipe
Stainless steel pipe in general is more difficult to groove
than carbon steel pipe, as it is more difficult to achieve
defined groove comers on stainless pipe. Grooves that are
not defined and have too much of a radius could result in
joint failure. Care must be taken to process grooves as
defined as possible. For this reason, roll-groove machine
manufactures offer a variety of roll sets depending on the
pipe material and wall thickness being grooved. Always
select the correct roll set for the pipe being grooved.
Roll groove profile
Roll grooves should be as defined as possible. To achieve
optimum joint performance the “K” dimension should be as
small as possible. When processing a roll groove the machine
operator should manage the feed pressure of the upper roll
set so as to achieve the best possible groove profile.
Groove diameter (C)
Quick check with a
housing segment
measuring tape
The groove diameters are average values. The groove
must be of uniform depth around the entire pipe
circumference. Use a Lede groove gage or groove
measuring tape to check the groove diameter.
Or you can use a coupling housing for a quick check after
verification of the groove dimensions. When using a
housing segment as a reference always make up a sample
and verify the diameter is within the acceptable range. If
the housing fits well you may shoose to use this as a
reference gauge.
PVC pipe
The same roll set used for carbon steel pipe can be used
on applicable PVC pipe. Because PVC is much soŌer than
carbon steel, care must be taken to groove the pipe slowly
and with less pressure.
Copper tubing
As copper tubing is thinner than carbon steel pipe,
always use a roll set specifically designed for use on copper
Gasket seating surface (A)
The exterior surface of the gasket seating area shall be
free from any indentations, projections, roll marks or other
harmful defects such as loose paint, scale, dirt, chips,
grease and rust.
Caution: If the same roll-set that has been used for carbon
steel pipe is used on stainless steel pipe, rust or scale may
be transferred to the stainless steel pipe during processing
of the groove. Thus we recommend the use of a separate
roll set specifically for use with stainless steel pipe. Also use
caution to keep roll grooved stainless steel pipe dry prior to
Corners are not sharp enough
PVC pipe
Roll marks etc.


Housing segment

Stainless steel pipe