Supports for risers
In multi-story buildings, risers shall be fixed (or anchored) at the lowest level and at the top of the riser and shall be supported by riser clamps or U-bolts at each floor level to prevent the risers from swaying. If risers are braced by the
penetration floors, the number of riser clamps or U-bolts
Anchors should be sufficient to hold the weight of waterfilled pipe and pressure thrusts.
Pipe guides (sway braces) should be such as to brace lateral movement of the system.
may be reduced to one at each three stories. For risers, either flexible or
rigid couplings can be used as long as proper anchoring and support is
provided. Riser clamp
1 F
Flexible Coupling
Rigid Coupling
Sway brace

Supports for risers