(NFPA 13)
1. Flexible couplings for main risers and branch line riser
FIGURE A. (a) Flexible Coupling on Horizontal Portion of Tie-In.
FIGURE A.9.3.2(a) Riser Details.
FIGURE A.9.3.2(b) Detail at Short Riser Detail A Detail B
FIGURE A. (b) Flexible Coupling on Main Riser
And Branch Line Riser
FIGURE A. Flexible Coupling for Drops
2. Flexible couplings on horizontal portion of Tie-In
3. Flexible couplings on Main Riser and Branch Line Riser
4. Flexible couplings for drops
The following illustrations are part of NFPA 13 - 2007 Annex A Explanatory Material. These are for informational
purposes only and not a mandatory requirement. For specific requirements for any other areas of sprinkler
systems, refer to the latest version of NFPA 13.
Flexible Coupling 24in.
Roof Roof
Flexible Coupling
Flexible Coupling
Flexible Coupling
Note to Detail A: The four-way brace should be attached above the upper flexible coupling required for the riser and preferably to the roof structure if suitable. The brace should
not be attached directly to a plywood or metal deck.

Flexible Coupling

(Might be preferred for metal buildings)
Flexible elbow
If dimension is less than 3 ft (0.9m), flexible fitting is not needed.
(A T-connection fitting with flexible joints can be substituted for elbow.)
4-way brace (pipe must rotate within brace)
Elbow with flexible joints
4-way brace
Roof framing Siding
Ceiling/floor assembly
Ceiling/floor assembly
Ceiling/floor assembly
Ceiling/floor assembly
Flexible Coupling
Flexible Coupling

In-rack sprinkler drops
≤ 24 in.
[Paragraph]24 in. (610mm)

≤ [Paragrap